Double your revenue by leveraging your unique creativity. 

Double Your Revenue Studio is a 4-month 1:1 coaching experience where creative entrepreneurs double their monthly revenue with creativity as their high-ROI ingredient. 

So if you’re so creative, why aren’t you a gazillionaire?

Because you haven’t been applying your creativity to your business yet. 

The kind that solves problems and creates solutions in ways that only your brain can. 

The kind that taps into sales and marketing in a super fun, true-to-you way. 

The kind that orchestrates your business like a brilliant, one-of-a-kind, creative vision. 

Creativity isn’t just for hobbies.  It's  your no 1 competitive business advantage. 

hey creative service pro, product creator, or coach...

High-ROI Creativity begins by meeting market needs in ways only your brain could come up with. 

This is the difference between creating art and creating a revenue-rich creative business. 

When you see customer needs as creation materials, 

You’ll identify money-making opportunities and how to meet them with your unique flavor of marketing and selling. 

I’m Sarah

Once upon a time, I was a theatre major who dreamed of becoming a director. 

You can actually FEEL creative and in a flow-state while problem solving and marketing in your business. 

This is what will help you sustain consistent momentum in your business and set your marketing apart in a genius way. 

Wondering how I know this to be true?

High-ROI Creativity continues when you actually feel creative while marketing and selling.

I didn’t really care about money. I thought more about Brecht than Bezos.

And then to be “practical”, I figured what the heck, why not also study business.  

But when I moved between the business and theatre departments at my university, I might as well have been moving between different planets. 

My theatre friends thought I was a little cuckoo for starting my own business, because business was Greedy and Capitalist and Soul-less, 

And my management friends thought my creative pursuits were “cute” and added to the hipster vibe but were nothing really earth-shattering. 

Well guess what -- 

This “theatre kid” went on to create four businesses and build a 6-figure net-worth by age 26.

Frankly, I have forgotten 99% of what I learned in those classes except for “marketing mix” (just because it kinda sounds like trail mix.) 

I am the entrepreneur I am today because I leverage my creativity in everything I do. 

I don’t see it as an excuse for why I don’t have a business brain. 

I see it as the foundation of my kick-a$$ business brain and success, 

My creativity is what led me to grow my travel blog about Los Angeles, 

To start and grow a vegan hot chocolates brand, 

To run a branding agency, 

And to build my coaching business. 

Helping you leverage your unique creativity to grow your business and double your revenue is what you do with me inside Double Your Revenue Studio.  

this did not happen because of anything I learned in my business classes. 


Double Your Revenue Studio

The 4-month, 1:1 coaching experience that helps you double your revenue using your creativity. 

This is coaching meets creative studio

Just like a studio in a design or art program, Double Your Revenue Studio will mix theory and hands-on practice. 

You’ll learn marketing strategies, techniques, and tools, 

And I will help you apply your own genius creativity to them to make earning more revenue more fun. 

Just like you would direct a play following your own creative vision over a few months,

You will direct your marketing and sales following your own creative vision. 

You won’t just talk about what you’re gonna do with me. 

The Process

Get creative with where and how you market

Yes, you will learn classic content marketing strategies like selling through a launch, selling through email, selling through Instagram. 

And you will tap into your own creativity to riff on what I teach you in a way that still makes sense and is lucrative. 

You will also grow your own marketing brain to go beyond content marketing into things that make sense for you, like tabling at markets, creating an in-person event series…whatever matches your creative vision and floats your boat. 

Craft or refine what you sell to creatively meet customer desires

Any new products or offering iterations you come up with will be based on what your customers will actually pay for, 

Which is way more fun and way more lucrative than just pulling random ideas out of your peach that make less-than-ideal dinero. 


Build your own Charismatic Brand

You won’t focus on making things “pretty” in this program. 

You’re going to create your own Charismatic Brand that will feel true to you, what you want to create, and the people you want to serve with your business. 

This will make any creative marketing you put together more compelling, magnetic, and fun. 


Expand how you service more customers 

We’ll cover how to protect your creative energy while your business becomes more in-demand and grows through techniques like the Paid Waitlist Strategy, inventory management, and more.



What’s Included

At any time, submit marketing materials or mindset journaling for feedback. 

Get custom feedback within 2 business days. 

Feedback Portal

Create marketing and selling assets for your business like emails, visuals, media, and marketing plans with my guidance. I won’t just teach you “how the strategy works” -- I’ll direct you so you actually feel creative and in flow-state while getting stuff done. 

Studio Sessions

In our first virtual call together, you’ll map out your personal path to doubling revenue in your creative business and how to organize your creative ideas throughout the process. 

Creative Kickoff Call

Get coached live to solve any mindset or decision obstacles that come up, like:  

  • Figuring out why your current marketing isn’t converting 
  • Deciding what to sell next 
  • Mindset blocks around pricing and money 
  • Any obstacles that come up around implementing your creative decisions 

1:1 Coaching Calls

Submit marketing content to get in-depth feedback from Sarah so you know you’re putting out high-converting words and visuals on any platform you’re posting on.

Marketing Copy & Visuals Reviews

Make money while feeling creative every day

Because being creative in your business isn’t about a brand book or your brand archetype. 

It’s about tapping into the way you think. The way you see the world. The vision and impact you want to make. The way you problem solve…

And getting into a flow state as often as you can while you create for your business, 

Just like you do when you create in your craft. 

This coaching experience is full of techniques and opportunities to not just “think” creatively but to feel creative while making more money in your business. 

I draw from my experiences in theatre directing, teaching, NLP, coaching, and hypnosis to help you do this. 


What sorts of businesses are a fit for this program? 

If you are a creative entrepreneur or creative thinker who is between $0 - $100k 12-month revenue, this program is for you. 

And YES -- this is for service pros, coaches, AND product-based businesses. 


Do we meet weekly in this program?

Abso-fruitly! Each week, we will meet for either your 1:1 coaching session in which we’ll work through mindset blocks and decision-making or for a Studio Session in which I’ll help you create for your business and get into and stay in a flow-state. 

For now, Studio Sessions will also be 1:1, so when you join Double Your Revenue Studio, you’ll meet with me 1:1 each week. I may choose to make Studio Sessions group experiences, in which case they will literally feel like your old art, music, and design studio classes with peers, including critique time. Yay! 

Can I still double my revenue if I have a small audience?

You sure can.

Part of our work together will be evaluating if there is room to create more sales with your current audience before you start growing your audience.

With almost every 1:1 client I’ve ever worked with, there is ALWAYS room to make more revenue with the current audience you have, and doing this first makes growing your audience easier down the line. 

Will this program help me if I’m neurodivergent?

While the program is not specifically designed for neurodivergent folks, the way I coach and teach tends to be neurodivergent-friendly for the likes of ADHD brains, especially. 

I went from a $11,700 July to a $17,000 August for our best month yet.

Christina’s company was generating six-figures in revenue when she first started working with Sarah, but she still felt busy all the time. 

Since working with Sarah, Christina has implemented creative upsells that have increased her customer lifetime value. She also made her first long-term contractor hire, freeing up Christina’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives as a CEO. 

Christina is also getting a handle on her finances and is preparing to buy her first property in Austin as an entrepreneur. 

Christina O’Reilly

Stay Zen Retreats

I met my November sales goal and surpassed it by a few hundred dollars. I met my December sales goal as well!

So we did the math on how much I needed to make in the last couple months of the year and…I met my November sales goal and surpassed it by a few hundred dollars. I met my December sales goal as well! We are right on track for January. This is one of the greatest journeys.



I now have extra time on days that I always thought I didn't have extra time.

I was like, I've got to get all these things done. How am I going to fit it into the day? And actually, I get things done. And I have extra time. 
And we have more family time and quality time and me time. I didn't have to put in 100 hours for the week or add on more tasks to get the same goals.



Working with Sarah has been worth its weight in gold.

Jo came to Sarah with a multiple six-figure business but wanting to increase her skill at selling online with ease -- specifically through launching. 

Since working with Sarah on her launch, she’s already pre-sold spots and surpassed her previous webinar enrollments from past launches…after just sending three of her planned launch emails so far. 

Jo is mastering her marketing messaging and marketing copy skills at an unmatched rate. 
In my business, I’m doing much better. I’m more confident in the things that I do.
I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail. Someone’s on my side. 

In my business, I’ve become a lot more creative. My business is continuously growing.



Not only have I seen financial success through working with Sarah, I have confidence that I can keep the ball rolling.

I get to choose where I want income to come from and what I want that income to look like. Sarah was able to work with where I was at. She was able to identify how I best work — I'm not a robot. Now I know how to work with my energy peaks. It’s been life changing in a lot of different ways.

I'm focusing less time on things that I think I “should” be doing and am putting more time on things that have direct results and make me really excited.



Client Wins

Double Your Revenue Studio 


Or 4 monthly payments of $1,250


  • Creative Kickoff Call 
  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls 
  • Bi-Weekly Studio Sessions 
  • Marketing Copy and Visuals Review
  • Feedback Portal and Asynchronous Support 

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