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the wealthiest and most impactful people in the world

The 4-month 1:1 coaching program that helps creative entrepreneurs 2x revenue by leveraging their creativity. 

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The 12-month group program that helps creative entrepreneurs create 50% or more of their monthly revenue with networking and offline marketing.

Double Your Revenue Studio

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I help creative entrepreneurs get out of their heads and onto the most straightforward path to revenue.

A 4x entrepreneur, real estate investor, and business coach who believes that building wealth is just another creative medium. 

I’m Sarah Klein

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Joi grew her revenue with less busy-ness by clarifying her signature photography package, her pricing, her marketing messaging, and her sales pipeline.

She also identified her true zone of genius and direction of her company beyond just photography -- creative directing the imagery of industry-leading brands with unparalleled authenticity and whimsy. 

“I didn’t really start owning that until we worked together. It has changed the way I’ve been photographing my clients lately and the photos we’ve been producing have been on-point.” 

With Sarah’s help, she’s preparing to grow her team.


Joi Conti

Diana raised her prices and regularly sells out her play-date parties, rentals, and products. 

She’s setting and upholding boundaries with prospective customers.  She's focused on creative marketing and selling opportunities that give her the most joy…and the best ROI. 

My Sensory Celebrations

Diana John

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Learn how I made $40k in 6 weeks with offline marketing

I've recorded a 4-part video case study on exactly how I did it. No selling through copy, social media strategy, or funnels required. Want to learn how?

Note: $40k in 6 weeks was my specific past experience. This exact revenue number may not happen for you on this particular timeline. Regardless, this case study will still give you great ideas on how to monetize offline marketing for your particular business.

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