I’m Sarah.

I’m helping creatives build businesses that are profitable, a balm for their communities, and are a true creative joy to envision and execute on repeat. 

All wealth creation is a creative art form.


Like painting. Or drawing. Or telling a good dang story. 

The world will be a better place when creative people actually have the business wherewithal to offer their ideas to the world and monetize them.

Around here, we are...

The act and thinking process of creating something new. 

Putting seemingly disparate things together to create something new. 

Being tapped into inspiration sources that seem unrelated to your current line of focus but then pulling in that inspiration. 

Using all of your senses and intuition to approach something in a way that is meaningful for you. 

Quality Teachers

We don’t forget around here that business coaching is a subset of the education industry. You’re here to learn and apply.

We value high-quality instructional and pedagogical experiences. Sarah has a MSc in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science from Carnegie Mellon University and has a past career as a teacher and educational technologist


Learning your way through doing. 

Playing before analyzing. 

Jumping into the pool to learn how to swim. 

The analysis and reflection come after trying something. 


We eat big audacious dreams for breakfast. You want to stray from the path your parents wanted you to go down. Let’s make that come true. 

Present with the Process

The secret to creating incredible impact is to fall in love with the process of getting there. We love the act of showing up and everything we learn along the way. 

If you ask my mom what career would be perfect for me, she says Pediatrician first, Attorney second. 

But I always knew that the traditional path wouldn’t be for me. 

I’m a Hungarian-Chinese Jew from Los Angeles, and I started my first business at age 17 -- a local travel blog about LA back when blogs were a shiny new frontier in the early 2010s. 

Sure, that business didn’t bring in a whole lot of revenue -- but I learned about the power of building relationships and how much impact somebody can have when they know how to leverage the power of effective marketing. 


I ended up building a vegan hot chocolate and gourmet sugars brand called Epicerie Spicy Sweet. This was my foray into launching and running a creative product brand. 

Then, after a break from entrepreneurship to enter the worlds of education and educational technology, 

I started my third business -- a branding agency for startups. 

When I realized that the businesses I wanted to help didn’t most need branding but most needed business coaching…

My fourth -- and favorite! -- business was born. It’s the business coaching practice you’re experiencing today :) 

I started my second business in college. My roommate opened an online vintage store, and I thought, “I”ll open an online store, too.” 

Ever since I chose to study both theatre and business in undergrad, I’ve always known that business is just as creative as any art form. 

It’s why I also love investing in real estate in addition to building businesses. 

PS -- there are a lot of other sides to this story that we can get into some other time. 

Like how I was fired a week into a fancy job at a tech startup, the tech startup incubator I was a part of once upon a time, how I returned to the USA with about $21k cash in savings after a year of living abroad…ask me about it in Slack sometime.

The 4-month 1:1 coaching program that helps creative entrepreneurs 2x revenue by leveraging their creativity. 

ways to work with me

The 12-month group program that helps creative entrepreneurs create 50% or more of their monthly revenue with networking and offline marketing.

Double Your Revenue Studio

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