Monetize  networking and offline marketing as a creative entrepreneur. 

The Creative Selling Game is the 12-month group program helping creative service pros, coaches, and product entrepreneurs make content marketing irrelevant with networking and offline marketing. 

Networking creates CUSTOMERS, not just coffees.

  • You’re spending most of your energy trying to get better at content 
  • You don’t know how to find networking opportunities 
  • You think networking only means awkward, in-person networking events 
  • You think networking-based marketing strategies don’t make sense for your particular creative business or local location 
  • You don’t want to sound like a used car salesman or seem pushy 
  • “Network online” sounds like “cold DM”, and of course you don’t want to do that 
  • You don’t know how to get someone who meets you through networking or offline marketing to pay you

The only reason you’re not seeing customers from networking *yet* is: 

Networking is the fastest, simplest way to make creative business sales.

It’s what all creatives and creative thinkers making a living doing what they love have in common -- a network and strong connection skills. 

But here’s the thing

Once you know how to leverage networking, 

It’s the most creative marketing strategy out there, and it works in ¼ of the time that content does. 

ESPECIALLY if you are just getting started or coming out of a revenue dry-spell.  

Because all the best content in the world won’t make a difference if nobody cares enough about you to find your profile and look at it. 

Because you *think* you’re providing value through your content, but nothing beats the value of a highly relevant, person-to-person conversation and offer.  

Because, sure, you’re showing up at networking events, and you're meeting people…but you’re not necessarily connecting with them in a way that creates clients in a predictable way. 

I was right there with ya when I had a 4-month $0 dry spell. 

People were telling me my content was great -- but no sales. 

I would come up with convoluted, strategic marketing plans -- but no sales. 

Until my coach asked me something in a throwaway text: 

“Sarah, when was the last time you made an offer to a person in an actual conversation, not just with a CTA at the end of a post?” 

And the answer was…maybe never. 

I immediately thought, well -- here goes nothing. Let me give this a try, because I have nothing to lose. 

Over the next six weeks, I prioritized networking. 

I got creative and playful with how I did. 

And I created $40,000 in six weeks. 

This process is now The Creative Selling Game. 

Since then, I’ve repeated this exact same process to create $20,000 months and $30,000 months with only a couple thousand Instagram followers and a 200-ish person email list. 

The Creative Selling Game grows your creative business revenuewith networking and offline marketing when you play. 

When you mix-and-match these ingredients and create your own marketing and selling strategies, and you take a high volume of marketing and selling action,  creating 5-figure months becomes inevitable. 

All while treating marketing and selling like its own artistic medium that you can play with. 

It takes off the pressure and gets you out of your head.  

It ushers you into creativity so that you start to see business opportunities just like you see your favorite artistic materials -- as raw ingredients with which to play, enjoy, and create something cool.

It gives you a clear direction to make a living doing what you love. 

What to sell. 

How to meet people interested in what you sell. 

How to invite them into your business, i.e. make offers.   

How to sell ethically and effectively. 

Bring people from “in your orbit” to inquiring about what you sell. Create leads without being spammy. No Cold DMs required. 

With our 10-Second CTA technique, you’ll create CTAs that people actually take you up on.

You’ll “play” this program on your own time over the course of 12 months. Here’s how it works: 

The Process

build your networking and offline marketing routine

Create a networking routine that feels like an effortless habit woven into your day. 

Uncover the abundance of networking opportunities around you -- no matter where you live or how niche your business is. 

Forge mutually relevant, authentic relationships with people who could be interested in what you sell. 

With our Low Stakes Invitation, 10-Second CTA, Crowdsourced Creative Freebie, and Networking Tracker tools and techniques,

You’ll create revenue faster than any content strategy ever could. 

Sell effectively and with great service 

Learn how to conduct Sell-With-Service Sales Calls.  Because when you serve potential clients at a higher level on your sales calls, you will create more sales for your business. 

You’ll learn a simple process for how to do this without being pushy and while upholding your ethics the whole way through. 

People will go from being shocked about your prices and going “it’s too expensive” to choosing to work with you and feeling great about it. 

And, just for fun…our Connections-to-Content Converter will help you create the highest value content of your professional career that people will rave about and want to buy from. 

Make compelling invitations into your Low-Stakes Offer

Pick one thing to focus on selling per 30 day round. 

The Vague Offer Strategy will help you create a high-quality service that you can sell while networking without any niche and ideal client drama. 

Choose what to sell and YOUR pricing to monetize NETWORKING AND OFFLINE MARKETING


Stay focused on playing with the real revenue needle-movers instead of distractions. 

Our signature CSG Curriculum and Offers Dashboard tool will keep you on-track. 

It will also help you measure your efforts in a clear way from the very beginning to minimize overthinking and maximize taking action. 

What's Included

Virtual Community

Ask for coaching and feedback 24/7 inside our virtual community group 



We cover What to Offer, Make Networking a Habit and Creative Practice, How to Network Online, How to Network Offline, How to Follow Up, How to Evaluate and Improve Your Networking, and Sell with Service Sales Calls.

NEW in February 2024: Networking for Product-Based Businesses and Classes that Convert.

Follow each lesson to make creating sales with networking and offline marketing simple and fun. 


Weekly Coaching Calls




Get live feedback on your networking, offline marketing, and sales calls and learn from your peers getting coached, too.
Use our virtual In-Person Networking Rehearsals and Online Networking Coworking calls to get live feedback on your networking and actually get online networking done. 

This is not a vague program.

It’s not mindset training.  

You will learn exactly how to network and how to come up with your own creative networking ideas in The Creative Selling Game. 

Using the 5-Question Offers Evaluation Tool, you will measure the effectiveness of your networking. 

In weekly coaching calls and in our virtual community, you will ask for feedback to help you improve even further. 

You will learn your way forward faster than is possible with any other marketing strategy, both because of the support provided in this program and simply through the nature of networking itself. 

Monetize networking and offline marketing, even if right now it feels kinda vague. 

$20k in 12 weeks

Life Coach for Women

Alicia signed a new client in her second week.  By Week 5, she made $12k without launching or leveraging algorithm-based visibility strategies. She focused on improving her sales call process to better identify the precise problem and solution for her client and articulating how she could help them. 

She got referrals, stayed in service energy, put out effort, and refined her program, process, and intellectual property…

…all while holding a leadership position at a global corporation full-time.

Alicia Mullery

$3,500 in 7 weeks


Since focusing on connections over content, Ali has been building a reputation in her community and has been signing clients. 

She’s getting creative with marketing both on and beyond social media. She’s getting past perfectionism. 

She’s learning what her prospective clients most need help with and would be willing to pay for Right Now, and is speaking to those things in her offers, content, and intellectual property.


Created her first $6,000 


I know how to bring in money. I’ve become AMAZING at bringing in leads for my business. I’m trying different things and different ways of inviting people.
I created my first package. I’m celebrating ME and MY style of working with my clients. I’ve become comfortable with marketing. With just asking and putting my stuff out there. I feel safe to be seen in the public eye.
I’m going to continue creating comfort, fun, energy, and enjoyment in the marketing and selling process, not just the end-game. I’m taking the pressure off and focusing on being curious and helpful.


You will create your own unique Networking Plan so you can integrate networking as a key marketing strategy and 2x your leads within reach.  

Grow creative business revenue without being salesy, pushy, selling to family and friends, or using cold DMs. 

Even if you already have a specific, narrow niche. 

Even if you live in a small town. 

Even if you just moved somewhere new and don’t know anybody yet. 

Even if you’re already networking, and you think you’ve exhausted all the networking opportunities around you. 

Even if you’re already engaging in Facebook groups right now and it’s not working. 

This is the most comprehensive program out there on how to monetize networking AND OFFLINE MARKETING wherever you are. 

This is
for you if you...

Are a creative entrepreneur who sells products, services, or coaching 

Identify as a creative thinker

Have ADHD or may have ADHD (networking and offline marketing are, in my opinion, the most neurodivergent-friendly marketing strategies)

Haven’t served any paying customers yet but want to 

Are in a revenue dry-spell and are ready to get out 

Are in the middle of a pivot

Are introverted

Are extroverted

Work full-time or part-time in your business

Have an online or in-person business 

Are SO OVER content marketing and would love to not have to rely on it and its whims 

Abi is exceptionally skilled at her craft.

 She came to Sarah to grow her business skills and boost her revenue. Since working with Sarah, she’s grown her selling skills and is moving past her marketing perfectionism. 



Meshelle went from $40k months to her first $100k month and consistent $60k months since working with Sarah. 

Not only did she and her team grow revenue, but she also grew her peace of mind, creative problem solving, and team leadership skills. And we have more family time and quality time and me time. I didn't have to put in 100 hours for the week or add on more tasks to get the same goals.



Made her first $10,000 sale in Month 2 

I didn’t know much about business. I really needed help to get that off the ground. I knew I could service people, but I didn’t know how to. I’ve stepped into so many spaces that I was afraid to before.
In my business, I’m doing much better. I’m more confident in the things that I do.
I’ve learned that it’s okay to fail. Someone’s on my side. 

In my business, I’ve become a lot more creative. My business is continuously growing.



From $10k in a whole year to $9,500 in 12 weeks

Before, I didn’t know if I could just sign a client. I was doing workshops over and over again that I didn’t want to do. I kept putting things out there that I felt like I ‘had’ to. I don’t do that anymore.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a cumulative effect feeling.

I’m in the forge my own path space rather than in the fit-in space. I’ve finally started to embody goal-setting that’s more action than outcome. I learned how to experiment and not be attached to a positive outcome every time. I’m able to do riskier things and try different things now, knowing that I can find and sign a client.

There’s been a big change in my presence in general -- what I’m putting out there, how I’m showing up. It feels so good to look at my calendar and see recurring clients.

Whole Human Co



Is there an income threshold? 


You can be at the very start of your business journey having earned $0 thus far, or you can be an experienced business owner itching to get out of a dry spell and reboot your revenue. 

Come on in, the water’s fine! 

What type of business owner should join? 

This program is for all creatives and creative thinkers who own a product-based, service-based, or coaching business. 

Both online and offline business owners are welcome. 

Will you cover both online and offline networking techniques?

Yes. There are separate modules in The Creative Selling Game with specific techniques for networking offline and online. If you’d like, you can choose to do either or, or you can do both! 

Will I personally get coached by you, Sarah?


At this time, I’m coaching weekly in The Creative Selling Game and providing feedback through the virtual community. You’ll get coached in our group community platform and in live calls with me. 

As this program grows in the future, I will hire co-coaches who will be trained in the curriculum and techniques that make The Creative Selling Game fun and effective. 

You’ll be served by a team of qualified coaches ready to support you in addition to me.

Enrollment opens again

Real Results

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